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A gorgeous Boutique hotel with both: Apartments and Studios!

You’re a seasoned traveler, and we’re the place you want to be at! We know all about how much you value comfort and the freedom to get to know and explore every bit of the places you go to. Las Clementinas Boutique hotel has beautiful Apartments that were designed by the same team that brought back to life the most iconic building in Casco Viejo!

When you visit us, you will notice how the hardwood floors, the breathtaking high ceilings and eye catching colorful tiles, embody the spirit of the liveliest neighborhood in Panama City!

Las Clementinas Boutique Hotel, our bright history:

If you are a traveler that seeks out absolutely unique accommodations, then look no further! Las Clementinas Boutique hotel is a lovely trove full of rich history ready for you!

We are right at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, and only steps away from Latin America’s most important historical monuments! Our elegant, yet discreet building is in itself a monument to a hidden story: that of the remarkable women who made their home on this charming little corner of Panama’s downtown.


What can we offer you?

Our main goal is to make you as comfortable as possible! With expertly stocked rooms, you will feel like you are literally staying at an old friend’s (who just so happens to have very good taste!)

Even so, perhaps there are some services that would make your stay even more comfortable? Don’t hesitate to take a look at everything we can set up for you, and if you need anything else, just ask! It is our pleasure to help you.

Casco Life - A world of color!

Casco is unique, Casco is bright and beautiful. A place that buzzes with life and music. A place where life is lived out in the open, on the cobblestones on the streets. We are sure you are going to love Casco!
In our small neighborhood everyone knows each other, so walking out on the streets day in and day out is always fun and feels familiar. There are many wonderful places to eat, and sight upon sight to see!
When you come to visit, Las Clementinas Boutique hotel will be ready to host you like an old friend with open arms!


Famous for its Sunday brunches, we welcome you to Mahalo! This lovely restaurant, created by Canadian sisters Emma & Brit, has opened its doors right next to us here at Las Clementinas in the heart of Casco.

With fresh pressed juices, colorful meals, and a myriad of vegan and vegetarian options, we are sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to satisfy that craving for delicious, heartful food; and that’s not all! Here, you can enjoy a truly unique celebration. At Mahalo, organizing your event with us is easy, we offer easy access, beautiful scenery and a multitude of options available for you to choose so we can help you create unforgettable memories. Come celebrate with us!

For our team here at Las Clementinas team, our greatest commitment is the well-being of our visitors, which is why we are taking all the preventive actions recommended by Panama’s Ministry of Health to increase controls against COVID-19. In this sense and as a complement to the hygiene protocol that each person must follow, we will add the reinforcement of the rules of cleanliness of our facilities to guarantee them a safe and pleasant stay.


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