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What is a Chamber? It’s a room bigger than a suite, it’s an apartment with lots of space, kitchen, balconies… it’s a home away from home

Las Clementinas'

Travelers seeking unique accommodations with a distinct sense of place have discovered in Las Clementinas one of Panama’s best kept secrets. Located in Casco Viejo, at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site and steps away from from Latin America’s most important historic monuments, the elegant yet discreet hotel is in itself a monument to a lesser known story: that of the remarkable women who made their home on this charming corner of Panama’s downtown.

Customize Your Stay

As an intimate hotel, we strive to offer a level of personalized service that larger properties simply cannot match. Having catered to visiting dignitaries, executives and celebrities, our staff is accustomed to making the seemingly impossible happen.

This is Casco Life

We have festive neighbors and sometimes street noise can be heard in the rooms. It´s all part of the real Casco Experience, as is safely walking the historic streets day and night, finding tons of good places to eat, interacting with a diverse scope of people who live and work here, and drinking great coffee while chatting about it the next morning.

Opening Soon

Casa Bruja Casco Antiguo

August 2017

Tel. 262-1003

A small charming hotel in the middle of Panama's cultural and historical center