My Experience-


Here´s a brief introduction to the team who will take care of you and your needs at Las Clementinas and teach you about Casco. You are bound to bump into each one of us during your stay, and we all have a unique take on Panama, so ask away.

Paola – Manager – no ship can sail without a captain. She’s been a part of Las Clementinas since the restoration and is just so passionate about every nook and cranny of the property that you would think she built it with her bare hands.  Having said that, it just makes sense that Paola will treat you as if you were staying at her own house. Whatever you need she will make it happen!

Adolfo – Concierge – with the advantage of being born, raised and a current resident of Casco, Adolfo knows anything and everything about this neighborhood.  When he’s not working you will find him either watching soccer, (yes! Panama made it to the world cup) or playing soccer… he’s good at doing both.

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Planning your stay in Panama City? Chat with your friends at Las Clementinas — we’re just a click away and here to spread the love for Casco Viejo.