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Casa Bruja: The best craft beer in Panama in Casco

Posted on May 26, 2018 In Categories Blog Cultural Activities Las Clementinas Website Featured

Casa Bruja was born in 2013, the first Panamanian brewery that has now become one of the best in Latin America. With over 25 international awards and more than 30 different beers made in just 4 years, Casa Bruja has managed to inspire Panama and now some other countries with their beers as well.. Casa Bruja is famous for more then just it’s beers, the labels and names of each of its creations, which are a deep reflection of Panamanian popular culture, tell all exciting stories, enough to talk all night.

In 2017, Casa Bruja joined us at Las Clementinas, turning some of the old magical spaces alive. Trivia Nights, Gastronomic and Cultural events, Casa Bruja Casco Antiguo is the hidden gem of Casco Viejo. Its gastronomic direction is more than the traditional pub menu, it includes Asian and Panamanian flavors that reflect the multiplicity of Panamanian of culture and always creates interesting pairings with its 25 beers on tap.

The Casa Bruja brewery is located in Costa del Este and has its doors open from Wednesday to Saturday where you can visit and see the brewers at work. If you stay with us at Las Clementinas, do not hesitate to ask for a tour so you get to know this elixir was born and ferments away. Cheers.