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Christmas in Casco Viejo

Christmas in Casco and what awaits us in the new year…

Posted on January 5, 2018 In Categories Blog Cultural Activities Las Clementinas Website Featured

Christmas is an incomparable party which brings us together around festive feelings and warm emotions. But the party gets even better when you celebrate it in Casco. This year we had The Pop Up Christmas Market – Casco version, in which Panamanian artists, designers and entrepreneurs offered us an enormous variety of original products, really wonderful presents for the festivities. Here, at El Rincon de Clementina (Clementina’s Lair), a magical space sprouted to share the outdoors between two large pieces of the old city wall. Also, our secret garden offered a spectacular barbecue, whose glorious aromas brought in hungry friends from considerable distances.

But at the end of the day, a couple of guests showed us the way: They planned their holiday shopping around their stay in Casco. They took one of our apartments and walked to the Mercado, came back to the room to leave the gifts, had a beer, went back for another round, and so on. Brilliant!



Now, the Pop Up Market was not the only Christmas celebration. The Panamanian craft brewery Casa Bruja launched with the roar of congo drums and much rumba, their new product: Saril Christmas Ale, aptly named Tiny Winey. Few things speak of Panamanian Christmas as the flower of saril. Its red color is as intense as its flavor. Although the saril is part of our Antillean heritage, the origin is much more distant. It comes from Africa and Asia, and is known by many as Hibiscus (by its scientific name hibiscus sabdariffa). It arrived in Panama thanks to the Antillean workers who came to build the Canal. It is harvested primarily in December, which makes it a seasonal product. In Panama you must drink it cold, stirred by the spicy taste of ginger. That is why the Tiny Winey beer is more than appropriate and welcomed, its name comes from a famous Soca music classic, played by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires and popularized in the Caribbean carnivals of Trinidad and Tobago.

And since we are talking about craft beers, we might as well start talking about what 2018 has in store for us. We are happy to announce the arrival of a new edition of the Micro Brew Fest: A tribute to the art of the craft brewery. This is a meeting for the amateurs and producers of craft beer, which will take place at the City of Knowledge, on January 26 and 27. The event, in its sixth edition, gathers everything from homemade beers to national and international craft breweries. More than 200 varieties of carefully selected beer flavors will be offered to satisfy all tastes. This event is recognized as the pioneer promoter of the growing craft beer industry in Panama. You can read more about it here

But this is not the only festival we will enjoy this summer. Between January 15 and 20 we will have in the Panamanian capital the 15th edition of the wonderful Panama Jazz Festival, created and organized by the famous Panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez, together with the members of his Foundation. In this edition the festival will be a genuine creative explosion. As an example, we will only mention 3 of its main players: the Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés, the legendary American saxophonist Wayne Shorter and the wonderful voice of Luciana Souza from Brazil.
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