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Doing Casco with the family

Posted on September 26, 2017 In Categories Blog Cultural Activities Las Clementinas Website Featured

Are you thinking of traveling with your family? Is your destination Panama? Would you like to know and visit the famous Casco Viejo? Preparing an effective itinerary is essential before making a family trip, especially if time is an issue.

We have to make the most of every minute and that is why, here, in Las Clementinas, we have prepared a list with our favorite activities for children and adults. The ideal situation for a family trip is for parents and children to enjoy the same activities together. We do not want any victims of boredom. So here are these ideas, suitable for families. You decide, everyone enjoys.  


Should you decide to stay with us, at Las Clementinas, we offer spacious apartments with a full kitchen. If someone has a craving at 11 pm, one of those that only Mommy can take care of, a kitchen is a must. If you need advise on anything, you can contact our friendly staff 24/7. We have a terrace with an excellent view and an interior garden, beautiful, mysterious, and safe for kids to wander about. And best of all: we are in the heart of Casco Viejo.

Outdoor activities

We have chosen alternatives in Casco, as well as the rest of the city. One of the most popular outdoor activities is to rent a bike with 4 seats to cruise the Amador Causeway, enjoying the balmy sea breeze. For those who prefer to walk, the Cinta Costera is a very nice option, also close to the sea. For those who need to expand in greater natural spaces, the Metropolitan Natural Park is the perfect place. Located right in the city, this 265 hectares reserve with 6 trails boasts forests, landscapes, and panoramic views. Not only that: it is home to 227 species of birds, 45 kinds of mammals, 36 varieties of snakes, and 14 types of amphibians. 284 plant species, including trees that grow between 30 to 35 meters high, along with orchids, vines, epiphytes and mosses, fill the park with every color.

Eating with the family in Casco

At lunchtime, there are plenty of options. But we have chosen the 3 that we think are most appropriate for sharing between children and adults, both for the quality of their food, and for their breadth and variety.

Papaya Planet has a light, healthy and delicious menu. It includes rich breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and tasty stews. It also has a beautiful children’s library with colored pencils to draw. Café Dodo offers vegetarian and vegan options. It also has a menu of homemade desserts. Ask about the story of the awesome bird it is named after. Barrio Pizza says it all in a name. It specializes in pizza, both classic and unusual, made from healthy ingredients.  

A spectacular museum

We are talking about the Biomuseo. Designed by the great architect Frank Gehry, this museum tells the story of how the rise of the isthmus of Panama changed the natural world. Through architecture, art and science, the Biomuseo narrates with great intelligence and poetry this extraordinary story. It also has wonderful views of the entrance of the canal and the skyline. We especially recommend the Panamarama gallery, where we travel from ocean to ocean in just 7 minutes through a series of screens that envelop spectators with fascinating images and sounds, which introduce us to our beautiful natural environment.

Wonder what it must be like to steer a ship through the great Panama Canal?

On this tour to the Panama Canal’s Visitor Center at the Miraflores Locks, you can see not only the impressive passage of ships. In addition, the Visitor Center illustrates the history and current operation of this lock through photos, models and, most importantly, simulators that fill children and adults with enthusiasm.  

Do you have a curious mind?

Explora is the first Interactive Center of Science and Art in Panama. Here,  children and adults with an imaginative spirit can acquire knowledge and stimulate the mind, using playtime as the main tool. You will find several exhibition halls, a planetarium, an ecological trail, a modern scientific laboratory, a children’s development center, and a synthetic grass soccer field. The center’s motto clearly explains its mission: Touch, Explore and Learn.


Back in Casco, we want to recommend two places designed to beat the heat. Raspa’o specializes, as its name implies, in raspaos:  Panama’s most popular way to cool off. It’s our take on a colorful snow cone: scraped ice sprinkled with flavored syrups like strawberry (called rojo—red—by the locals), grape, orange, and lemon, covered with condensed milk, honey or malted milk powder (might sound weird, but it is amazing). The place is decorated with fun iconography of Panamanian popular culture. Among the Casco ice cream parlors, we recommend Benissimo. It offers many flavors made from natural fruits. And although they all have their merits, people’s clear favorite is passion fruit. We also want to highlight it’s flagship product (preferably for adults, for obvious reasons) called Affogato: a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream drenched in a shot of hot espresso.