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top 5 bars at casco

Nights come alive at Casco

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Whenever you are in Panama City, Casco Viejo holds between its narrow streets and undulating story, the absolute best options to have fun, explore and liven up the night!

We always had it crystal clear: the best nighttime fun in Panama City is at our Casco Viejo. Sunset arrives and terraces are already brimming with people. It’s not even dark outside when all of the amazing spaces that seem to kiss our tropical skies, fill up with music, ambiance, life. The best bars in the city are here; displaying a variety of flavors and musical adventures. The night is vast and long here at Casco Viejo, and the places to visit, plentiful, however we dare recommend 5 that stand out through the name and quality they have built for themselves.

Our selection of the top 5 bars at Casco are:

  1. The Strangers Club
  2. Casa Bruja
  3. ´t Bier Klooster
  4. Pedro Mandinga
  5. Blue Moon


The Strangers Club

This is the story of 6 New York bartenders who decided to move to Panama to become the founders of an extraordinary bar. Entrapped by the rich Panamanian history and the explosive nightlife of our Casco Viejo, they got together with two local partners to develop their rich adventure in drinks and gastronomy. Its name is a homage to another legendary venue, located in the city of Colón, which convened and hosted the best of Panamanian jazz since the early twentieth century, all the way into the seventies of the same century. This new version of Strangers Club seeks to save that spirit, combining it with the essence of New York flavor. The specialty of the house are the cocktails, a perfect way to connect the premises, with the visitors; a way to link the most vital present, with a rich past in a cultural diversity that still persists every night among its soft lights.

strangers club

Photo courtesy: The Strangers Club

Casa Bruja

This is the original home of Panamanian craft beers. It is a bar where you can delve into the most original beer flavors. Since 2013, Casa Bruja has been dedicated to the creation of fresh, original and very creative beers. Now, right here at Casco Viejo you can be bewitched by both their usual, and seasonal beers. A clear demonstration of Casa Bruja’s permanent creativity is its newest creation, Dr. Brujaus, developed jointly by Panamanian and Argentine brewers. Its appearance is cloudy, a bright yellow color, which could evoke the color of a pineapple juice. Its flavor and aroma carry intense citrus notes of grapefruit and passion fruit.

Casa Bruja

´t Bier Klooster

We could tell you about many topics here, telling you how this is a snug little corner that know how to keep some of the very heart of Belgium here in Casco territory. But it is just so much more. You will hardly be able to find a bar at Casco that gives off such a warm environment, ripe for meeting up and fraternizing. In addition to the cozy space, another great excuse to visit ‘t Bier Klooster is its fantastic and delicious Belgian craft beer. If we had to choose between all of their rich varieties, the wheat one stands out, such as the Witbier, based on pure Belgan tradition, and the Weissbier, based on German tradition. Don’t forget to try the piqueo, which includes classic Belgian mussels, honeyed wings and tasty Belgian chips.

Bier Klooster

Photo courtesy: t’ Bier Klooster

Pedro Mandinga

This is the first artisan distillery in Panama. The name of this Panamanian rum is inspired by a local cimarron, owner of his own charismatic strength and powerful character. This is a bar made to measure for authentic rum lovers. Pedro Mandinga distills panela rum, from hand-cut cane from a small farm in Chiriqui. Lovers of good rum, since the 2014 construction of the distillery began all the way until today, when you can enjoy its excellent products at the Rum Bar in Casco Viejo.

The rums of Pedro Mandinga are distilled in a small copper still. His recipes include Pedro Mandinga Silver and Pedro Mandinga Spiced; soft rums that we recommend you drink on their own, although they can also be enjoyed in their original cocktail bar.

Photo courtesy: Pedro Mandinga

Blue Moon

This excellent bar, located at Casco, has a peculiar origin. It dates back to 1995 in Denver, Colorado. The first products of this craft brewery were inspired by traditional Belgian flavors. Years later, Blue Moon landed in Panama and now offers us these same products enriched by the passage of time and the creativity of its beer makers. Among its flagship beers stand out the Blue Moon® Belgian White, a wheat beer made with Valencian orange peel, in search of the combination of subtle sweetness and citrus intensity. Also try the refreshing Mango Wheat, with ripe mango flavor, and a hint of honey.

blue moon